Thursday, January 26, 2012

Latest Updates

We have released 3 new updates since our last post, these updates were a mix of bug fixes and new features.

This post will cover some of the changes in 1.0.47, 1.0.48, and 1.0.49

  • Game servers can now have a dedicated IP, this prevents other servers from installing on that IP address
  • Server monitor can now be run by calling the url instead of just with command line
  • Configurable options can have a separate display from value when using selectbox type, e.g. Yes=true,No=false. This will display “Yes” and “No” to the users, but will use “true” and “false” in the configuration files and startmode.
  • Added a 1-click button that will update your GSP-Panel installation if the folder is writable by the apache user and if php-zip is enabled.
Bug Fixes

  • "Login As" should now work properly on all systems
  • Windows FTP now works properly in all regions
  • Users are no longer allowed to reinstall suspended servers

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