Thursday, August 16, 2012

Update 1.0.60 - New Features!

We are proud to announce the release of 1.0.60, this marks the 60th release of our software since we started back in 2009!

This update is a feature release and paves the way for some of the more difficult requests that we've received.


  • Integrated HTTP server in the backend for Fast Download service
  • IPv6 Compatibility
  • Updates JUpload for the WebFTP
  • The ajax dialogs are now bigger for configs, making it easier to edit files

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Monday, April 30, 2012

GSP-Panel Hosting

GSP-Panel is proud to announce a new service for our end users, GSP-Panel hosting.

This service means that your GSP-Panel can be hosted on our servers.

What you get with this service:
GSP-Panel installed and waiting for you to configure it
FTP access to modify and create templates
Sub-domain of to access your install
Hassle-free install without needing to worry about port blocking commonly used on shared hosting
More time as you do not need to worry about install, updating, or securing your webserver

What is not included?
This ONLY includes hosting of the GSP-Panel web software. This does not include hosting of game files, game servers, voice servers, etc - You will need your own server for these.
You must also have a GSP-Panel license to use our hosting.

So you gave the sales pitch, whats the cost?
The service can be purchased for $3/month

How can I purchase hosting?
New customers can purchase it when ordering a license. If you are an existing customer then you can purchase hosting by ordering the "GSP-Panel hosting" addon when viewing your product.

Can I use a different sub-domain or domain?
Yes, you can open a support ticket to request a change.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Update: 1.0.52

Today we have released version 1.0.52.

This release contains two much anticipated features, we have been working hard on these features and after several weeks of testing we have decided they are stable for release.

  • Task Scheduler - This allows admins and users to schedule server starts, restarts, and stops along with setting up system controls and the server monitor. This feature does require a paid license as our servers are used to call the scheduled tasks. We went this route because many users use shared hosting for their panel install and many PHP installs limit what we would need to run these tasks accurately.
  • Gameserver disk usage alerts - You can now setup a "disk threshold" in the game settings, when the gameserver goes over this limit you will receive an email notification. This feature requires the server monitor to be setup.

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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Latest Updates

We have released 3 new updates since our last post, these updates were a mix of bug fixes and new features.

This post will cover some of the changes in 1.0.47, 1.0.48, and 1.0.49

  • Game servers can now have a dedicated IP, this prevents other servers from installing on that IP address
  • Server monitor can now be run by calling the url instead of just with command line
  • Configurable options can have a separate display from value when using selectbox type, e.g. Yes=true,No=false. This will display “Yes” and “No” to the users, but will use “true” and “false” in the configuration files and startmode.
  • Added a 1-click button that will update your GSP-Panel installation if the folder is writable by the apache user and if php-zip is enabled.
Bug Fixes

  • "Login As" should now work properly on all systems
  • Windows FTP now works properly in all regions
  • Users are no longer allowed to reinstall suspended servers

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